April 28, 2012

Tawi-Tawi's Sunrise (I just simply love it!)

On the way to Tango Island
Sunrise! It is a  rapturous feeling to see the beauty and wonder of the world. And one the most astonishing and serene wonders is contemplating on the beauty of sunrise and sunset. This simple errand- watching sunrise- will give you the peace of mind and contentment that most of us need in order to break free. And that is what people need today. 

We are living in a fast pace modern world where every gadgets are constantly changing and emerging. When you go to big cities, everything seems to move fast, everybody seems to be in a hurry, everyone is competitive and blatant thing is that you need money  to survive.  Everything we do always require haste and speed. It is inevitable  not to spend a little time with our family and enjoy life that does not require money to spend. But is it not wonderful to feel free and be like a child again? The moment I see the sun rises, it gives the perfect feeling of ecstasy and fantasy- like a child dreaming of a Neverland.

Here are some breathtaking photos of sunrise in Tawi-Tawi which I love the most :

 In that far away land lies a beautiful kingdom that awaits us...

Good morning sunshine! Lucky are those who have  seen such a beautiful scene. Oh, I simply love the moment! At least I have seen a magnificent sunrise before I go  to that far away kingdom (hope to see more of this)...

On the way to Languyan...

Here are other striking photos of sunrise taken from the beautiful place of Bongao, tawi-Tawi:

Bongao Sunrise

Kasulutan Sunrise

Beachside Sunrise

Capitol Hill Sunrise

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