April 15, 2012

A Beautiful Saturday in Sanga-Sanga, Tawi-Tawi

It was a beautiful  Saturday when we visited the serene place of Sanga-Sanga. Sanga-Sanga is part of Bongao municipality. The place is famous because it is known as the "Tawi-Tawi airport".

While I was walking along the famous bridge, I noticed the group of boys who are having fun bridge diving (6-8 meters in height) . It was full of fun! Then, I realized that this moment taught me some important lessons in life.


Then, I saw a man who was looking at a distant. I realized that so many things have been offered to us, however we are too busy looking for other things. We become sad and unhappy knowing that we don't know what we really want, when in fact, it is right in front of us. But sad to say, it is gone now...

What's with the dark and light? I guess, you would not appreciate it if you have never been in the dark; because it is when you are in the dark, you wish light will appear to vanish all your sorrow and pain.


As I was passing by, I have seen people talking, laughing and musing. Some are alone reminiscing. Then, it made me curious as to what goes to their minds...

Upon seeing this photo, I realized how much I have missed my cats. I am so glad that they have found a home and family in us.

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