May 09, 2012

Flower Collection

 Never really thought that she looks so perfect 
Every girl can turn into a 
beautiful lady like a rose.
 She is like a rose 
that blossoms from a naive child
 to a beautiful lady. 
Like a flower, a lady is fragile by heart 
but sturdy on the outside.

How would you like this red rose
 to be given to you? 
When I was given a rose 
by a special friend, 
it made me feel so special and loved.
 It really felt good to know that 
remembers, cares and loves you.
 I wish I can shine and put a smile on your face
She blooms and grows so beautifully

Butterflies are so perfect in my garden
It makes me remember of someone I used to know...

How I love to see butterfly flying, playing and feeding on my flowers

A little mist is all I need ...

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