August 27, 2011

For the first time, I was moved by this video..


I cannot believe that I got carried away by this video. The photography is so exquisite and shall i say- poignant. The background music is so soothing to my ears and just simply makes me feel at home. 

Enjoy watching!

To watch this video from youtube just simply click this link:

August 26, 2011

There is a Rainbow always after the Rain

Why do we continue to love, despite the sleepless nights and puffy eyes in the morning- shall i say 3 days, 4 weeks, 5 months or even a year? Oh, common, get rid of it!  What are you saying, 
"it's over"?... Others, will just vanish not knowing where they are or happily living with the one they truly love--what about me? Did he really love me? Or  was it just a game? Then, you wait and wait...

When you realize that  he/she is not coming back, you just accept the fact that you are so naive to trust and to cling on to the belief that he'll / she'll come back. It will really cause a pain in the a**.  Admit it or not, you will always feel bad, cheated, abandoned, rejected, and all the emotional turbulence will just banging on your door. You can finally say that , "this is the real world.

It is really crazy. Despite the fact that you will be hurt again,  you still can't resist that passion that's burning inside you to love and be loved. Yes, It is true.. 

All you need is to learn to be wise and to play it right. You also have to trust your instinct and mom. And you know the best part? It is to pray for the right person to come.

Good luck and keep on loving!

August 24, 2011

Excruciating Grief

This pain is striking inside me
I cannot let go of this 
Time is so slow to heal me 
I wanted to end everything
I wanted to be free from this chain
I can't help but pity myself
I have no tears to shed
It's all in my head...
It is too painful...
Oh, how cruel 'coz my sole enemy
no other than my self
I control all my emotions
Yet, this emotion controls me 
Oh grief, absolve me...
Exonerate me from your world
I want to be free
Free like a bird to fly
Set me free from your uncanny world
Grief, you had enough of me!


Time is so fast
A day is so quick
A night is so brisk
I feel the speed in my life.

I can't grasp the time
I want to stop it from moving
For once in my life, I want time
I wanted it to wait for me.

But how can I?
It moves so fast
so fast that I can't hold it
A glance of it takes seconds

Oh, what am I doing with my life?
With the brisk of time
I simply haste and haste...
I walk and run so fast...

But why? For what?
I don't know what I am doing...
Everything moves so fast
Everyone seems to be always in a hurry

Time is really gold
A second moves so fast
A minute should not be wasted
much more an hour!

A day would seem to end like an hour
Tonight, as I lay down on my bed
I close my eyes
open it, it's a welcome dawn!

A new beginning to cherish
Time is so precious
So precious to miss a thing
So don't miss a second of it.