February 05, 2012

KAMAHARDIKAAN SIN TAWI-TAWI ( Agal-Agal Festival also known as Seaweeds Festival on September 25, 2011)

The kamahardikaan sin Tawi-Tawi  is celebrated on September. The festival is a 4-day affair starting on September 24 and ends on September 27. The highlight of the festival is the showcase of talents for search of Budjang Tawi-Tawi, and most awaited event is the Agal-Agal festival where different municipalities compete for the best float , costume, etc. Other activities include the fluvial parade, trade fair, scubasurero and sports competition. In Agal-Agal festival,  flaunting of different and stylistic seaweeds in its simple to delicate form is the main attraction. Seaweeds Festival has attracted many tourists and locals to visit Tawi-Tawi. 

Here is a glimpse of  Agal-agal festival ( 2011):

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