May 21, 2012

20 Lessons Learned in Life

In my 26 years of existence, so many have changed from a naive child to becoming an adult. As time goes by, experiences taught me to be strong and competent. It  taught me many things in life from being selfish to generous, from hating to loving, aloof to sociable, timid to outgoing, predictable to being risky, from carefree to anxious, taking chances to being afraid, etc... I love to learn and I guess, I have never failed to learn. Though, sometimes I never learned at all (really). I dream high and big (this is the problem) ,but it never leads me to anything (as of now.) Thus, I get frustrated and disappointed. This leads me to wonder why I don't get what I want ,and it makes me wonder what I really wanted in life. Life is not easy. It has complexities that we can't fathom, contradictions and restrictions that we fail to see, limitations that we need to set, opportunities that we should not neglect but tend to take for granted, family to love and to cherish despite of everything, people to understand and not to mock and judge , enemy to forgive, neighbors to help, and so on... These are just some things that we need to see and appreciate.

I have listed 20 lessons learned (I learned) that I think are very useful:

1.  If you are not meant for something, don't push it. It will just make you unhappy. I believe that If God wants something for you, no matter what, it will happen...

2. I get tired of pleasing someone. Know that people get tired of understanding and loving. So, be nice and responsible all the time.

3. Your pride can eat you. This will make you miserable.

4. Love your parents no matter what.

5. Be nice to people who treat you right and with respect.

6. If you want to gain respect, respect yourself first.

7. Being too good to others all the time will sometimes lead to abusing your kindness.

8. Never let go of your dreams no matter what. Cling to it no matter how hard it gets.

9. Once in a year go to unfamiliar place and unwind.

10. Pray to God for all the troubles and worries you have.

11. Never trust a guy who says he loves you when you just met him for a short period of time. You should know that there are many people who will take advantage of your innocence and kindness.

12. Never give a guy the chance to make you vulnerable. If possible, don't give love 100%.

13. Never be in a relationship when you are not ready and if the person has bigger baggage than you.

14. Don't be afraid to go wherever your dreams will lead you.

15. Most of our emptiness, sadness and depressions are base on the fear that resides in us.

16. Don't let fear get in between you and  your happiness.

17. Invest for yourself and retirement.

18. Your health is your best doctor for without it, you will lose in the game.

19. Always put a smile on your face, it could be your best asset.

20. Let God be your captain and mentor. He never fails to surprise you!

May 09, 2012

Flower Collection

 Never really thought that she looks so perfect 
Every girl can turn into a 
beautiful lady like a rose.
 She is like a rose 
that blossoms from a naive child
 to a beautiful lady. 
Like a flower, a lady is fragile by heart 
but sturdy on the outside.

How would you like this red rose
 to be given to you? 
When I was given a rose 
by a special friend, 
it made me feel so special and loved.
 It really felt good to know that 
remembers, cares and loves you.
 I wish I can shine and put a smile on your face
She blooms and grows so beautifully

Butterflies are so perfect in my garden
It makes me remember of someone I used to know...

How I love to see butterfly flying, playing and feeding on my flowers

A little mist is all I need ...