March 29, 2012

Simply Sibutu

Sibutu is one of the municipalities of  Province of Tawi-Tawi. It is considered a 6th class municipality. The people in Sibutu are peace-loving and environment-friendly. They use bicycles as their means of transportation. There are few jeeps and motorcycles in the area. Sibutu is also famous for its mariculture park of marine life. In addition, the famous Sheik Makdum lies in this area where it is believed to be the First Mosque.

The simplicity of life is what makes it more beautiful.

Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi

Most of us don't realize that a long journey to success requires patience and hardwork...

Cycling is one of the outdoor activities in Sibutu. They use bicycle as means of transportation.

 Even in lifeless forms, you can still appreciate its beauty...

The promising Island of SIBUTU

These are the beautiful things you see when you are in Sibutu...


Sheik Makdum

 The famous Mariculture Park

March 12, 2012

Diving Tawi-Tawi

Mussah Reef
Tawi-Tawi offers many beautiful diving sites for the adventurous and sea lovers. Some of the well-known sites are the following: Raja Cave, Mussah Reef, Nasser Cavern, Ernest Wall, Plane Wreck at Pahut area, Ship Wreck in Sitangkai and Tongsinah and Langkawit Cave . These are only few dive sites that can be found in the area of  the southermost frontier- Tawi-Tawi. 

Raja Cave
When I started scuba diving, I became a fan and lover of the underwater world. The "thrill" of the unknown is just liberating; The thrill of seeing a snake, eel , barracuda and sharks are just few to mention. These things excite me  and other neophyte divers. Others are scared to death of this idea. 

Some people don't know the beauty of the underwater--the beauty of being in a different world--that provides and gives a perfect feeling of how it is to be a fish (of course, temporarily).  Just imagine yourself swimming  with fish    (it feels like you are in the aquarium) and discovering the depth of the unknown. You cannot hear a single sound of people talking ,and other noise pollution in the city is just not existing;what you can hear are the sound of wave, pump boats and yourself breathing (if you are  scuba diving). The world of  Being in the underwater gives that "thrill" that you will never experience when you are exploring the beauty of the wilderness. 

I just love scuba diving and snorkeling in Tawi-Tawi. 

Here are few glimpse of photos taken in the beautiful sea of Tawi-Tawi:

Diving in "Mussaf Reef" is one of the best experience. You can explore underwater and enjoy the things to be discovered in the area.
Ship Wreck
Discovering the thrill and beauty in the area of Ship Wreck

Diving in "Raja Cave"

Humphead wrasse


Photograph by: Clvenjake Jimlan & SSA Divers
Here's a video taken at Mussah Reef (courtesy of SSA divers):