April 20, 2012

God is Watching Us

These past few months, I have been wondering why I got loads of baggages. I have so many plans that I'd like to undertake, however, I am always failing. But It is quite amazing how I managed to have other plans ( take note: improving level of plans). And with each plan, it never fails to amaze me. I don't usually get disappointed with the failures I have after my plans fail; however, I noticed that I get exhausted of waiting and planning for things that I'd like to achieve and have. 

Every night, as I lay down to bed, I talk to God about many things. I talk to him about my day- how tiring and inspiring it was. I talk to him about my fuss on relationships with family, friends and even strangers. I also get to talk to him about my plans on so many things like travel, places I wanna see, people I wanna be with and people I want to help and inspire. I never miss to ask him to make my dreams come true. I have a lot of things to say to him. But when I get so tired, I can't  even bid him goodnight. I just remember talking to him and realized that it is a morning sunshine already. When it is time to go to work, I always forget to pray and thank him. But when I realized that I offended him, I pray silently but honestly, it is always hasty. This is really sad. I am bad. Forgive me...

Sometimes, I wish God can talk to us. What if he can talk to us? What would he tells us? I wonder how he is going to respond to all my prayers. I wonder what he's going to say about my plans that are always changing. What is he going to say about the person I became? How is he going to assess me as a daughter and as his child? Did I fail him? I want to  know if He is happy with all that I am and I became. Have I been good or bad? 

I get really excited with the thoughts that God can talk to us (I mean literally talk as in chatting with God). Who wouldn't be? Right? And imagine if we can see His face (musing).

I remember having taken this photo and it had a semblance of a myth character , Zeus (Take a look closer).  I am wondering  what if God can really talk to us and what  if, we can see His face. Will this picture have a semblance of Him? That day when I took this photo is life changing moment for me. I told myself that I am lucky to have seen this photo, because it made me realized that someone is watching over me- that God is always been there for me, and that He is proud of me ( this moment was during my graduation day). What else could I ask for?

I think if God can talk to us, the world will be a peaceful and beautiful place to live. If He had a face, maybe, people will be afraid to commit a sin (who wouldn't if you see the most beautiful face in the universe?). But I am still happy that even if we cannot hear His voice, I know that He is listening attentively to all our prayers and queries even if it seems nonsense; even if we cannot see Him, I know that He is watching us, because He loves us. God is so Amazing and Great! Nothing compares to Him. 


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