May 12, 2014

Summer Escapade in Bongao

It was holy week when a friend (together with her friend) from Manila arrived in Bongao. They wanted to spend their holy week in Turtle Islands. Unfortunately, they got surprised when we said that it's not easy to get there because of no regular travel schedule. I remember their faces like what they just heard was a jaw-dropping news. And the worst scenario if they get stranded for months because of weather condition and availability of transportation. In order to maximize their summer vacation,  I chose the nearest place in Bongao.  It was Holy week and the tourism people also had their long break.  So I decided to join them in their island hopping adventure here in Bongao (instead of leaving them to the Tourism people). We hired a local boatman to guide our trip using his pumpboat to Tongsinah, Luuk buhi and Lagasan. I was hesitant and worried at first because they might not enjoy the place.I know that these visitors are backpackers and they have been in so many places.But surprisingly, they love it there, really! They enjoyed swimming in the white sandy beach and tried the sand spa. And according to them, it works like magic! They crazily sunbath giving then a  sun-kissed skin--imagine swimming under the heat of the sun at noon time!  

Aside from the beach, they also tried the native food and malaysian food. They conquered the Bongao peak that is approximately 350 meters high. They also went to Batu-Bato . What is new in this place is the actual trade and barter of goods. Unfortunately, we didn't witness the so-called market-market because we went there around 9 plus (if I am not mistaken). The exchange happens at 7:30 am. So we just toured the place, visit the mosque and captured some nice panoramic views.

Some Photos of  Luuk Buhi & Lagasan:

Some photos with my friends during our visit in Lagasan:

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