October 11, 2012

Before a Woman turns 27

I had been through a smooth and rough times. And It was a great journey to know that I have surpassed some of the hurdles that came my way. Before reaching 27, I wish to share some valuable lessons of "should have" and "should know" that made my life meaningful. 

1. You should know the difference between love and lust.

2. You should know that pain will go away. It just takes time to heal.

3. A woman should have her own laptop either for social network, business, work or just anything that could kill that boredom.

4. A career that will provide all your needs and wants.

5. A purse, wallet,bag and suitcase that will symbolize you.

6. Have ex's that remind you how silly you have been during those younger years.

7. Have dated a boy and a man ( just make sure to  know the difference).

8. Have talked to a stranger pretending to be somebody else (hahahahah!).

9. Have experienced that adrenaline rush by trying adventure stuff like water rafting, mountaineering and cave hiking.

10. A bestfriend who will uplift you and believe in you.

11 .Have cried and told a stranger you've just met of what you've been through.

12. You have experienced to travel alone.

13. Have been in love and broken-hearted twice but became wiser.

14. Have an ultimate crush to someone but only you and your friend know about how crazy and head over heels you are with this guy.

15. Have sisters whom you can fight and laugh with.

16. Have been to an unfamiliar place you've never been and seen before.

17. Have that panic moment when you became clumsy in front of your crush.

18. An attitude to risk something for the unknown, and had that courage where you could not imagine you had before.

19. Have read novels on love, thriller, sci-fi and financial freedom. Every woman must have a book inside her bag or beside her bed to increase her knowledge.

20.Have tried scuba diving for beauty of the underwater is amazingly splendid. 

21.  Have tried smoking or puffing that cigarette butt, drinking liquor , and quit!

22. A mental attitude of getting out of your comfort zone to find that piece in you and to find happiness outside the unknown.

23.  Have been to an unhealthy lifestyle by staying late at night watching silly movies, eating junk food, and alone in the room wishing that someone could ease that thing called "emptiness". But later on you realized that you are the best person to get rid of that thing.

24. A favorite hideout when you feel so down.

25. A bike that will lead you anywhere and help you lose some calories.

26. Every woman should know any form of exercise or sports-like tennis- that will keep your lifestyle healthy, and a beauty regimen that will make you beautiful inside and outside. 

27. And a strong relationship with God that will make you invincible- above all!

Stay being BEAUTIFUL at 27...

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