September 20, 2012

Water Rafting-- Where the FUN begins!

If you know what adventure is, sure you know how to have FUN. And when fun strikes you, you better hold your breath and don't lose your grip.

Talking about adrenaline rush, scream, yell and FUN! 
Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro is one of the adventures that offers FUN and EXCITEMENT. I have never been this daring and bold in my life. But when I had tasted the fun and adventure of water rafting, it made me crave for more. 

It's always the beginning and the first sight of the water that gives a chill at first...

But once you overcome that feeling of fear, you are on for the next rapid!

You will crave and ask for more...


When your heart is pacified after the thrill of many rapids (experience), you want to prepare for the next adventure...

But the adventure has to end. So sad, but you can always have that memory with you--the feeling of fulfilled and renewed vigor. It's never been this good to be alive and kicking!

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