June 03, 2012

The Law of Karma

People have facade that they keep with them. You have to be very careful of whom you are going to trust. If you are so naive and shall i say, new to this world of deceit, fake people, dirty tricks and pretensions, you better hold your grip to what you believe and we call, INSTINCT and TRUST NO ONE..

In this world, we meet a lot of people of different walks of life. Some, they come and bid "hello" and eventually bid "goodbye" permanently; but, that is good than those who never bid adieu and left a scar in your life; others become acquaintances; few comes  in our life and never leave. It is a sad reality that only few are real and true. Others are simply there to judge, ignore, mock and destroy you. They say it is insecurity. And we know that there is no cure for insecurity. While some say, it's pride. What is pride by the way?  Pride is a sense of one's own value. It cannot be that bad! It can be bad if, too much pride has taken its toil on you and other people. Once you start feeling so superior that no one can beat you and feel like the ego is haunting, that something is wrong and disturbing... it is time to take that pride and start embracing what is truly amicable. 

I believe that people are different. Anywhere you go, there is always conflict. Well, this is maybe because we are born with natural inclination to do good and bad. And part of our well being is being  unique.You can just  imagine that there is no one or nobody is created exactly as you are, even twins differ in a lot of ways. Thus, conflict and misunderstanding will make its own way, no matter how hard we try to stop it. But the good news is, we can learn how to respond to the conflict and compromise. In this way, peace and harmony are the two wonderful things that will be created.

But you know what and who scares me? People who pretend to be your friend; someone who is nice to you but who is stabbing you behind your back. That to me is so scary! You can never really say something bad about this person. Sometimes, you envy this person for you know that she's/ he's too good. But behind that angelic face is a rotten values that will surely pull you down. These are the bogus people whom you will meet in your life. They are too good that you begin to wonder, what are their bad sides... then you will just learn that someone, that nice friend of yours, who is too good to be true, has taken a big grudge on you and pulling you down. So true! And it will happen to you. But there are also people who just love to learn from other people's experience and life; but the intention is not to pull that person, for nothing has been harmed. Which is largely different when you destroy the reputation, character and values of one person without assessing yourself first. That is why, be careful of whom to trust or better, trust no one. You have to leave some room for doubts and skepticism. This is also the reason why people who are tactless, liberated and open-minded are  sometimes better than those who are reserved, too nice and conservative. You know why?Because they are true and real. And oftentimes being too nice will make you vulnerable. A lot of people will take advantage of your kindness.But good thing is, fake people will never succeed. And you know what the good news is? People who are nice and not harming other people will be protected. Someone up there has arranged the law of karma for those who deserved it. So be careful - You can be the one being stabbed behind your back; so be sure to carry a weapon when this happens. And for those who are stabbing on someone else's back, wait 'till karma knocks on your door, and say hello to the real punishment of the world. Shame on You!

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