June 26, 2012

The Courage to Travel Alone

One of the best things i love in life is Traveling. Ever since I was a child, I love to roam around,  walk, run, visit places and sight-seeing. I love it so much that I get sick of staying at home without going out for a week. Just the thoughts of seeing other places, meeting new people, learning other culture, speaking their language, hearing foreign words, seeing vestige of history, not to mention the local delicacies (now, i am hungry) make me alive and energized. I feel that I am meant to travel because of  the existence of small mole located at my feet or its just my passion. I really would like to believe it since I always have these weird signs that I will be traveling. One of the signs is being in a boat or in a plane in my dream, then a week after this dream, it's a confirmed travel. And it feels so good to travel!

I feel good when traveling alone. I love the idea of going to different places particularly places I have never seen before. I love to try the different adventures the place can offer, the food it serves, to see the cultures and traditions that have been preserved and the most important thing is to get to know myself during this travel. These are just few things that encourage me to muster the courage to travel alone. Some people say that it's boring and dull to travel alone. But,  I can prove that it's one way to get to know yourself and gain the confidence and courage you have once lost. It is a way to break free and live life to the fullest. You never know what adventure and thrill it can offer. It depends on you on how to make it fun and memorable. 

I have always been guarded by my comfort zone. And the idea of traveling before scares me to death. Sometimes, our imagination can hamper us to enjoy. It can create images  that are exaggerated such as what if there are accidents, typhoons coming to ruin my plans, bad guys to kidnap or rob me and so on.... The fear also exacerbates the situation in a way that we cannot get out of our shell. Plus, being too obedient to our parents. I am not saying that you disobey your parents. What I want to emphasize is that sometimes,  parents are too afraid to let go of their children to the point of pampering  them even when  they are already adults . So for other parents, the idea of traveling is a big NO (even when with someone)- how much more when traveling alone? So, it depends on you whether to try and be brave enough to conquer your fear - you'll never know what you are missing until you try. Or,  let it  pass, envy your friends who enjoy life traveling and later ask yourself:  what if I... 

It is a choice, and the courage to face and conquer your fear is what makes life worth living for. If you haven't try to enjoy life, you never know what really life is all about. Traveling is one of the best things that can bring  fire in your life.  And piece of advice,  have some plunge of adventure while on travel to have a real taste of what FUN really is...


  1. Thank you for this post...
    It is funny how things come in place sometimes... When you are in the process of changing or letting go, or getting out of the comfort zone, you always "happen" to read a post, a quote, see a movie, read a poem that help and motivate and inspire you to follow the path, and overcome the fear or uncertainty..
    Enjoy your dreams and your travels!...

  2. Hi Wocado wordscando! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I luv to inspire people, and I am happy to know that somehow, i can reach them thru this blog.. hope to see you more often.. take care!

  3. thank you for this post...
    you made me think about it. i wish i have the kind of spirit like yours.

  4. Hi ane09_nasirin! thank you for dropping by. I am glad that through this blog I can share my experience and let people know how beautiful and fun life can be. You can have the spirit like mine or more so.. just believe in yourself and dont doubt ur capabilities. Goddluck to ur endeavor.. have a nice day an!