January 20, 2012

The man I love or the man who loves me?

Who will you choose : the one who loves you or the one you love?

Love  makes the world go round. 
It makes your world full of hope, faith and happiness, granted that the love relationship you have is working great. 
You really can feel butterflies in your stomach. 
I believe that love is so powerful. 
It brings us to the world of fairy tales. However, in love, it is not always a happy ending.
If a person is caught between two lovers, there is a difficulty in choosing whom to love. 
For instance, you love someone so much but he/she does not love you the way you have loved him/her. 
So are you going to stick with him even though it hurts?
 Or  choose the one who love you ,despite the fact that you never really love the person?
It is not easy to choose between the two.
The scenario differs in a man and woman.
Man loves differently. They don't fall easily compared with the women. Women are gentle that whatever the man does like pursuing her, she will eventually fall on his charm. While in man, there should be a foundation of friendship so that he will fall hard for you.
Still, it is very difficult to choose.
 We cannot force love.
What we can do is let it grow and just be the person to be loved.
Time will  come that love will find its way to where it belongs.
We should not push things for it will cause pain and heartaches.
Trust and believe  in yourself !
Someday all the pain will go away.
Someday all the fears will vanish.
One day, someone will appear to complete you!

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