August 24, 2011


Time is so fast
A day is so quick
A night is so brisk
I feel the speed in my life.

I can't grasp the time
I want to stop it from moving
For once in my life, I want time
I wanted it to wait for me.

But how can I?
It moves so fast
so fast that I can't hold it
A glance of it takes seconds

Oh, what am I doing with my life?
With the brisk of time
I simply haste and haste...
I walk and run so fast...

But why? For what?
I don't know what I am doing...
Everything moves so fast
Everyone seems to be always in a hurry

Time is really gold
A second moves so fast
A minute should not be wasted
much more an hour!

A day would seem to end like an hour
Tonight, as I lay down on my bed
I close my eyes
open it, it's a welcome dawn!

A new beginning to cherish
Time is so precious
So precious to miss a thing
So don't miss a second of it.

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