September 28, 2013

Baguan Island--A Piece of Heaven

One of the richest Islands found in Tawi-Tawi is Baguan Island. Baguan Island is considered a marine turtle sanctuary. When we say sanctuary, it is a protected area set aside for conservation. There are many numbers of green turtles lay egg everyday in this Island. And in fact, during my visit, I was able to see some hatchlings racing toward the sea. The Conservation International (CI) takes care of this place. It is the only establishment in the Island. 

Baguan Island is a bell-shaped island with a coastline of approximately 1.7 km. It is volcanic in origin just like Taganak Island. 

Aside from being considered a marine turtle sanctuary, it is also a piece of paradise (for me). A taste of Baguan is a phenomenal experience. I was able to circumnavigate the whole Island for 2 hours. And it was a rough and rocky journey. I experienced climbing some big rocks, then crossing a knee-level water and walking in a fine white sand. Seeing a vast white sand is a wow! A clear water is another thing!  My experience there was really awesome because I was able to have a close encounter with  baby sharks! Isn't it cute? I laid my eyes on them in a shallow water. And the beauty of the place is indescribable. The photos cannot depict it. You really have to be there and circumnavigate the Island to feel that you have seen a piece of heaven. 

How to get to Baguan? Just like Taganak Island and Mapun, there are no regular travel schedule. But once you get to Taganak, Turtle Islands, it will be a 45-minute ride to Baguan via pumpboat.

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