July 25, 2013

Chocolate hills in Bohol and other Municipalities

The tour in Bohol gave me the feeling of excitement and bliss. I considered it as the most tiring yet, best experience ever with my team. "Excitement" is the right word to explain how I felt when I saw the chocolate hills. I imagined being at the top of one of the hills and running to-and-fro. What amazed me is the formation of the hills is natural and uniform in shape. In addition, I find it really cute to think that these hills are like giant mole hills. These hills are about 30-50 meters in high. But because it was not dry season when we went there ( October 2012), the hills were not "chocolatey" to describe because of the green grass covering the hills. Still, It looks amazing knowing that there are at least 1,260 hills formed naturally.  

Talibon is one of the municipalities of Bohol. Its place is rich in natural resources. Not to mention the hospitality of the people of Talibon, they are very pleasing and accommodating. Being in Talibon felt not far in my hometown. It feels so close to my hometown where you can see the vast sea embracing you with cold wind and where sun rises and sets just perfectly every moment.

Another municipality in Bohol that surprisingly surpassed our expectation is Ubay, Bohol. Ubay municipality has so much to offer us. We went to their Multi-Species Hatchery and in the Ubay stock farm. We saw some imported cows that came from Australia and Switzerland. I feel like I was in Australia when I saw the pasture land. It was so liberating to see the herd of cows particularly the newly born calf.

We also went to Butterfly Farm where herds of butterflies are flying everywhere. The famous tarsiers are so adorable. They are so small and very shy. But I am sad that I was not able to touch it. However, I have pictures with them (not bad after all).

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