July 17, 2012

Some Lessons on Love

I wish love will last forever...
I will hold on to every moment I have with you...
I am counting on time not to take you away from me...
From now on and forever, I will cherish the love you gave me.

1. It is a perfect feeling when you love and you are loved in return.

2. Always trust your instinct.

3. Man are like hunters, they get excited and challenged when they earned you in a hard way. Men  get bored when you easily succumb to them. They will lose interest on you  after they get what they want easily.

4. If you want to have a happy and long lasting relationship, get to know  and love yourself first. And love will follow...

5. Remember that you don't have to please anyone. You will get tired of doing it and end up unhappy.

6. Sometimes you need to let go of the person to see if he is willing to win you back.  Others also need to let go in order to find themselves. Or you just need to let go because it is not going to work.

7. When you are in love, everything seems possible. But know that possibility is just a word, and change is a permanent thing.

8. When you are in love, your world revolves around that person. Bad thing about this is, you forgot that you also have your own life that you take for granted.

9. I don't understand why some people always love the wrong person. Even if they have been hurt many times and repeatedly, still they like the feeling of being hurt. And that is not love at all (no-no).

10. In life, you also need to say "no" and "stop" when you feel like too much has taken its toll on you.

11. It is hard to let go of someone. But trust me, time will come that you will be fine (even better than you are now).

12. When someone breaks your heart, you never thought that someone can hurt you that way, despite the fact that you have given everything.

13. There is no perfect relationship. And perfect people are just not existing. You have to learn to live with their imperfections to make it work if it is worth saving for .

14. When I was a child, I thought prince charming is real. Now that I am adult, I can't  even find one. This is maybe because, I believe too much in fairy tales of "happily ever after".

15. Love is a mysterious thing. If someone is meant to knock on your door, he will.  And when you open it, you become head over heels, lose you composure and fall hard. Your normal world will become abnormal. This time you don't understand why you laugh, smile, cry and worry about someone -stranger. That butterfly in your tummy explains that it feels right to be with this someone. And it could be love.

16. Don't believe that men don't lie. It is the contrary.

17. I don't know if it is destiny that will keep us together, or choice that will set us apart.

18. Don't trust a man when he says he loves you when he hardly even know you.

19.Don't chase for love, let it chase you.

20. Ever wonder why other girls (not so pretty and sexy) have many suitors? This is because some girls are friendly and not flirty. If you want to be one of the those chased by guys, be yourself (don't pretend) and build up your self-esteem. It takes confidence and wit to attract a man. Also, when you love yourself, people will love you too.

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